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Organising a funeral

Organising a funeral involves much to work through. What sort of music reflects this person’s life? What readings were important to this person? Who do you want to speak about this person’s life? Who is going to speak about the life of this person or do the eulogy. There are many ways that people can be involved in a service. Are you going to need to stream the service? Will there be another service at the crematorium or graveside that you need the minister for? Both our sites are available for funeral services and we do have our minister and team available to assist in it’s organisation.

Celebrating your loved ones life.

The loss of a loved one is a difficult time. There is much to work through, there is great sadness at the loss of the person but also a joy and gratefulness that we got to experience them being part of our lives. As a Uniting Church our services try to help us on the journey of grief, to move to a place of peace.

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