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High School life can be crazy! So many expectations, so many things to do! How do I figure out who I am in all of this? How can I do things that are meaningful and make a difference? Where does God fit it into all this? Am I on my own with all these questions??

Gordon-Pymble Uniting Church is trying to be a space where we explore life’s questions together. We try to listen and learn from each other. We also try and provide space to explore ideas in a way that make sense to you. We love to dance, play and use tech to unpack who we are and what is important to us. We wrestle with the big questions about God and have a community where you are welcome just as you are. As you really are.


Friday Fun Connections is 6.30pm on the second Friday of the month

Friday fun connections is specific night to serve our community, it could be baking ANZAC biscuits for our oldies or packing gift packs for our lifeline volunteers. Little things that make a big difference to those who receive it!

Intergenerational Sunday Service is 9.30am on the 3rd Sunday of the month


Come join us for a service that is interactive and fun through a series of break out groups.  Rev. Karen will draw from the bible through art, reflection, drama.  

Friday Social night is 7pm on the 4th Friday of the month

Come hang out, play board games or table tennis or just enjoy eating something yummy. We'd love to see you there.

Creativity Centre, Wednesdays 4pm to 5.30pm during school term

Inclusive, supportive community for young people from years 7-11. The Centre encourages young people to explore their creativity. See more information at the Creativity Centre page, click on the image to check it out. Look forward to seeing you there.  

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