Donation to Broken Hill Flying Patrol

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Picture of map and aeroplane Flying Patrol

Broken Hill Flying Patrol Our former Gordon congregation had a long and strong record of supporting the Broken Hill Flying Patrol.  Our MADOW group also made a donation to the Patrol last year.  In recent times, one of our accounts, which held funds donated for rural purposes, was used to support Uniting City & Country.  Now that UCC's work has come to an end, there were some funds left over. Having regard to past and present support for the flying padre, the Church Council decided that those funds, totalling $3,302.40 should be given to the Flying Patrol.  We have had a reply from the Treasurer of the Macquarie Darling Presbytery - "Would you let your congregation know how much your care and concern for the work of the Flying Patrol is appreciated."

If you would like to make a donation here are the details.

MDP-Broken Hill Flying Patrol Fund


Account Number:100009440

If you wish to contact them

Shirley Colless

Treasurer/Acting Secretary, Macquarie Darling Presbytery

156 Bultje Street, Dubbo NSW 2830

02 6882 3641

0418 796 651