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MADOW's support for Gidget Foundation in Dubbo continues.  Last Wednesday, 24th June was Gidget Giving Day when all donations were matched by a generous benefactor.  Gidget supports mothers suffering perinatal depression. MADOW (Making a Difference Out West) donated $1,500 to support the Foundation, which meant they received $3,000.  Our donation is to the Compassionate Fund of Gidget House in Dubbo. Most of the Gidget Foundation’s clients in Dubbo are patients of the Aboriginal Medical Service.  MADOW has been assured that the Compassionate Fund will support those from this group who need additional help.  It is hoped that these funds will make a contribution to the growing regional perinatal mental health work being established by the Gidget Foundation.


MADOW received thanks from Gidget's CEO, Arabella Gibson - "Thank you for your generous donation on behalf of MADOW. Our Dubbo services will get a real lift thanks to this fantastic injection of support. So pleased it could be doubled too."


MADOW's contribution is made from funds raised from members of our congregation and other friends who have so generously supported our fundraising efforts.  Arabella's thanks to MADOW amount to thanks to our congregation.

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