Worship at Pymble normally starts at 9:00am, goes for about an hour and then morning tea follows.

Worship at Gordon normally starts with morning tea about 9:45 and then moves into worship at 10:30am. It is the same service at Pymble.

On the first Sunday of the Month, we meet all together at either Gordon (even months) or Pymble (odd months) at 9:30am followed by morning tea

Then there is the occasional special service when we meet at Pymble Ladies College (2 times per year) - watch out in the diary for these!


One possible answer is "whatever you are comfortable in.."

Most people will follow the seasons with smart-casual clothes.



To what?

We are a church that values diversity over a single form of Christianity. Uniformity makes no sense in a world that is highly blended culturally, racially and religiously.

It is important to us that you are supported in your faith journey, wherever you are...


There are many bad things in the world. There are many good things in the world.

We weep when we see bad things. We rejoice when we see good things.

We do not ascribe good and bad things to God. We are not puppets and there is no puppeteer.

God Version 1.0