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#Raise the Age

Right now, across Australia, children as young as 10 can be arrested by police, hauled before a court, and locked away. 

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HR4A Newsletter Refugee Week



Please also think about donating to Human Rights for All, so we can continue our pro bono work for refugees.

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Whats happening at HR4A

Demand freedom for an Afghani interpreter who assisted the Allies

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National Reconciliation Week

27 May- 3 June  In this Together

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Social Justic E News May

Now is the time to come together
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Giving Hope Uniting Newsletter

Now is the time to come together
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HR4A (Human Rights for All) Newsletter

We host the offices of Human Rights for All (HR4A).
Helping our neighbour Lifeline
How you can help those in Need
Thinking of you; Thinking of others

A huge thank you for all the food that has been collected so far, Lifeline and Exodus are extremely grateful

Latest Update

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Uniting World

Here at Gordon-Pymble Uniting Church we support Uniting World in a variety of ways.

We support their annual Christmas Christmas card and gift Drive

We seek the end of arbitrary detention in Australia
HR4A (Human Rights for All)
We host the offices of Human Rights for All (HR4A).
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Uniting Assembly Newsletter- Uniting to Create New Normal

It’s time to create a new normal JULY 1, 2020 With less than 90 days until the September economic cliff, UnitingCare Australia warns that people in vulnerable circumstances are once again at significant risk. Appearing before the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 this morning, National Director, Claerwen Little, voiced concerns about the ongoing social and economic impact of the coronavirus crisis.
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Uniting Assembly Newsletter- Happy 43rd Birthday
Dr Deidre Palmer has encouraged Uniting Church members to apply the difficult learnings of 2020 to shape the way the Church pursues God’s mission in the world.
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Uniting Assembly Newsletter- stand against racism

The national leaders of the UCA and UAICC are encouraging members to stay active in support of racial justice, as the movement against racism continues around the world.
I don't always talk to non-tattooed people, but when i do i don't judge them
Lepers and Tatts

One day, Jesus was sitting with his friends.

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No gates on hell

Lucifer's latest outing into the world is a TV program, based on a comic book series. It is a standard cop drama with a twist.